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Logo Design by Jessie Lynn ImagesPrint Design

It is important to determine where you will print and what the dimensions of the piece will be before I actually start designing the piece.


Picking a Printer

I can work with any printer of your choice. I can create a friendly dialogue with your local printer or complete an efficient process with any online printer.


If you are unsure of where to go for print, see some suggestions below and some other tips.

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Custom Website Design by Jessie Lynn ImagesPrint Products

Some of the print pieces I have designed in the past include: business cards, multi-paneled brochures, post-card mailers, menu covers, posters, newsletters, catalog/booklets, QR bumper stickers, newspaper/magazine ads


Digital "Print" Pieces

I can also help you with designing e-newsletters, online magazine ads, etc.


PRINT Design.


All print-design projects are based on custom quotes using my $55/hour estimate on time required for your specific project. Quotes do not include print cost.


Helpful Print Design Tips: Dealing with Pictures:

Never use your website photos (72ppi) for a print project (300ppi needed). They will be too small and fuzzy.


Never stretch your photos to meet the need of the space if the pixels per inch can’t handle it = blurry.


Judge a photo on its lighting, how the subject matter sits in the frame, how the subject is cropped. What are the subtleties it communicates? Is this consistent with your brand?


Hire a professional photographer to take photos of you, your employees, the factory, the shop, the product, the work you do. This creates some authenticity that stock (purchased) photography may not be able to provide.


Use stock-photography in a wise manner to fill in the blanks.


The Process: Pick a product size; pick a printer based on print-quality and print-pricing. Then hire a graphic designer. Hand the goods over to them: your copy, photos, logo, and dimensions for the piece. They will gather, create, do revisions with you, and then submit the piece to the printer (local or online, it doesn't matter). Usually, the designer and the printer are paid separately.


Picking Print Product & Size:

When picking the size of your print piece pick a big enough size for some empty or “negative space” around text and pictures, giving your eye places to “rest”.


An oversized postcard can double as a brochure with its added size, but also have the added function of a mailer. These are good for tradeshows as well. Pick a size that will get noticed in the mailbox; something bigger than the typical 5x7”.


Suggested Online printers (just friendly suggestions): These printers offer varied print qualities, products, sizes, and pricing. But all-in-all these companies have provided good product in the past for client projects:

Get on your online printer's mailing list and reap the benefits of their coupons and discounts.


Good print companies will send you paper samples and examples of their work by request. Usually these requests are made via a simple online form.


Build a solid relationship with a local printer. They may be more apt to giving you advice for future products, sizes, etc. They usually have a greater selection of paper-types to choose from.


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