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Print Design: Brochures, Booklets, and Postcards

Jessie worked with Saint John Region Catholic School of Frederick, Maryland to create the print design of these 3-paneled brochures, large booklet mailed to alumni annually, and postcards to advertise bi-annual open house events.

Special attention was given to keep all the pieces singing the same tune; giving a visually cohesive look to all the products with the use of color and typography. Yet, Jessie was also able to keep in mind and target the intended audience for each print design piece.

For instance, the brochure advertising their preschool department is fun and childlike yet their brochure targeting local businesses is fresh and professional. Each was created for their target audience but fell under the umbrella of the SJRCS branding strategy.


Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Printer Communication and Guidelines

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