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Logo Design by Jessie Lynn ImagesLogo Design:

Logos are important little artifacts that silently describe all that your company is in one concise package and message. Make sure that message is vivid to the customer. Refresh your out-of-date logo here or gain a great visual platform to boost your brand new business.


Custom Website Design by Jessie Lynn ImagesWebsite Design: Starter Sites

Let's develop an up-to-date website that is visually amazing and technically sound. I specialize in the custom design of responsive HTML websites or I can help with WordPress website development. Already have a site that needs updates? I can also help update your existing website with ongoing changes.

Logo Design by Jessie Lynn ImagesPrint Design:

If it needs to be printed, I can design it to your printer's specifications: business cards, postcards, posters, flyers, multiple paneled brochures, large multi-paged mailers.

Logo Design by Jessie Lynn ImagesLovely Odds & Ends

Explainer-Videos, e-Newsletter Campaigns, Google Adword Display Imagery, Blog Post Creation, Landing Pages, Lead Magnets, Digital Signage, and hand-crafted Social Media Posts

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Jessie Courson Building businesses and brands with DESIGN.


Jessie Courson has over 10 years experience designing logos, websites, print materials, and crafting social media posts used to boost businesses in the marketplace. Jessie’s sense of design stems from a strong art background, the love of the inner workings of businesses, and the effects of good visual communication. She lives in Northern Virginia outside of Washington, DC and can serve any business remotely if needed.

Custom VideoScribe Videos and Art


Explainer and e-Learning Videos


Watch 15 intriguing episodes as Future Bank Today highlights concepts pertaining to innovation in banking.


CarpooltoSchool Wordpress Website Design


CarpooltoSchool's Customized Wordpress Website


Handcrafted, friendly, and warm, yet high-tech website for this up-and-coming SaaS company.

RackCard Print Design


Wedding Venue: RackCard Print Design


We followed suit with LaMontagne's historic, elegant yet rustic feel for this practical hand-to-hand marketing piece.


Custom Website Design


Custom Website Design: Wedding Flowers at Petals & Hedges


We went with a minimalist design to show off PH's stunning portfolio photographs.

t-shirt design


OOH Dance Recital T-shirt


Designed to inspire the young OOH dancers to Dream Big and Dance On!

Print Design Large Catalog


Print Design: Multi-Paged SJRCS Annual Catalog


Balanced, challenging, friendly, and educational, this private Catholic School in MD shows off their stunning offerings in their annual catalog.

Custom Website Design


e-Newsletter Campaign Design


Send out prettier email with hand-crafted messaging.

t-shirt design


Sticker Design


Happy diaper-changed sticker for a local church organization

Print Design Large Catalog


Landing Page Design with a Lead Magnet


Attract customers with your important sales funnel fundamentals in place.