clothes and styles are similar to company branding efforts

Company Branding: When Design is like Fashion

by in Design. Posted April 8, 2019
Company branding is more like fashion than one might think. For example, clothes are functional for covering the body, but they also speak volumes to those around us. Similarly, a logo is essential to describe to clients who we are and what we do. There is power in color, line, texture, and the mixing of visual elements in both fashion and company branding. Therefore, the question is, how are our logos and marketing assets silently communicating on our behalf?
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how to create negative space when designing a marketing piece

When Negative Space is a Positive Thing

by in Design. Posted April 4, 2019
Just like mindful mental breaks can rejuvenate creative energy in the workplace; empty space, white space, or “negative space” also have the power to create margin between elements in any visual marketing piece (digital or physical). Yet, this might be just the little--important--element many companies are forgetting to hand over to their graphic designer.
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