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If you are interested in developing one of the products mentioned, start by describing your business and what you are looking for. Email is the very best way to get in contact with me, use:


Once we start the communication process we can always set up a phone conference to talk over necessary details. Working remotely should not be a problem, as I have worked with companies located across the US.


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Phone: #571.242.8615


Jessie Courson offers website and graphic design services for growing businesses in the greater Northern VA, MD, DC metro area, and beyond for over 9 years.


She specializes in the design of logos, websites, and print materials used to boost businesses in the marketplace. Jessie’s sense of design stems from a strong art background, the love of the inner workings of businesses, and the effects of good visual communication.




Why Jessie? The Creative Edge


There are thousands of designers out there, at several different price-points, why would you pick to work with Jessie?


Jessie is attentive to her customers and serves quality design at an affordable price. Because of her fine-art background, she knows how color and line speak to the heart and how those same elements translate through business materials to potential clients. If you want something well-crafted, that catches the eye of your customers, this is the place to go for design help.


The Ladies at Barre Buddhi Say: "With just one brief phone call and a few shared photos, Jessie brought our vision for our logo to life!  When we were emailed our first round of logo options, we were literally giddy with excitement -- laughing and screaming like it was Christmas morning!  The process of logo development was seamless, professional and incredibly creative.  She truly pulled the entire identity of our business into our logo and we could not be more pleased with the results." - Michelle Dancy, Nikki Duhring, & Nikki Laughlin | Co-owners of Barre Buddhi, A Boutique Fitness Studio


What Elaine Says:

"I engaged Jessie Lynn to create marketing collaterals for a historic wedding & event venue. She is incredibly talented and artistic and was able to capture the elegance and feel of the location through her graphics. It's a pleasure working with Jessie Lynn and you can rely on her creativity and results. I have received nothing but raves on the materials that she has produced so far and I will continue to work with her as the project progresses." - Elaine LaMontagne, LaMontagne at Bluemont


What Steven Says:

"Jessie Lynn has been designing both a physical newsletter and an e-newsletter for us for several years. Her work is creative and eye-catching, and our patrons have made several wonderful comments about the quality and overall look of our marketing materials since we started working with Jessie. The elegance of her work and her attention to detail has helped separate us from our competition." - Steven Brewer, Managing/Artistic Director at Old Opera House Theater Company


What Morgan Says: 50% Growth after Rebranding

"After deciding to rebrand my business in 2010, I was so glad I called upon Jessie for her help and expertise. I had no idea where to begin and she helped me along every step of the way from logo design to website design, blogging, connecting my social media, letterhead and business cards. She made it very easy for me to make decisions and was open and honest about her thoughts. After it was all said and done I was very happy with the rebrand and all of my marketing material. Our ongoing business relationship is well worth the investment." - Morgan Walker, Petals & Hedges


What Lyndie Says:

"Jessie has been an amazing individual to work with, not only has she given my business' website personal attention but she has also has been an attentive business partner."- Lyndie W.